Comment on Princess Diana Conspiracy by marlio.

Was Princess Dianas death a satanic ritual, involving the royal family, and was she only used because of her royal stuart genes to beget two children. Was she part of a brotherhood satanic ritual, before the marriage, in which Prince Charles, Queen, Prince Phillip, even camilla attended, in which the Queen and prince philip exposed themselves as reptiles? Evidently even Dodi and his father were part of this which involves the Brotherhood, an evil group of people wanting to bring in a New World Order. Tell me if this is all hocus pocus. Surely No SANE person believes in all this hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors, evil, deranged, mentally ill rituals and symbolism. I hope Kate gets out, before she is consumed by such demonic forces. I will pray that the reptiles did not capture Dianas soul in the tunnel, and Im sure God would not allow that to happen. This article was just incredulous so have a read and post a remark