Comment on Pearl Harbor was Allowed to Happen Conspiracy Theories by turk184.

There is a book called “OP JB” written by Ian Flemming of James Bond fame. It’s short for operation James Bond….the code name for the removal of Martin Bormann…the secretary to Adolf Hitler from the bunker at the end of the second world war. A fascinating true story of Martin Bormann becoming the first person in the British witness protection system in return for safe passage out of Berlin and the handing over of the SS Swiss bank codes to the huge SS fortune held in Swiss banks. At the end of the war, confusion ruled Europe as Allied armies tried to collect as many scientists as they coule…as many secret weapons that Germany was working on…as much gold as they could…as many painting and other treasures as they could…all before the Russians got it. The race was on. It’s a fascinating account and at the end of the book is a section regarding the Japanese fleet on its way to attack Pearl Harbor. Seems a Dutch sub spotted the fleet and radioed in its location. That sub was ordered to go to a certain location for refueling but instead of refueling, it was sunk by its own navy. Get the book and read for yourself. Ian Flemming was a section head in the OSS during the war…the English secret service. He was asked by Churchill to not write this book until after his death which Flemming agreed to do. “M”…the head of the section that James Bond was suppose to be a part of stood for Mortimer in real life. Bormann became a “gentleman farmer” in England and was given a passport so the calls that someone saw him in East Berlin and in South America were probably correct. He could travel…had a British pension and died easily in the late 60’s.

Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen! The Japanese code system was broken by the British 6 months before and they knew it was going to happen. However, Roosevelt needed a reason to enter the war. Up until that time, the US was supplying Germany with guns and planes and raw materials. They were just a customer….a good customer because they paid in gold and on time. It was just business! Grandfather Bush made his fortune supplying “things” to the Germans. The US needed a reason to get into the war and the bombing of Pearl Harbor was the ticket in. However, if my grandfather had died in that attack, I would have called Roosevelt and his government “murders” because they let it happen.