Comment on Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories by shadowmanfan.

the free masonic or Illuminati 666 may be 600 6 100.Can’t recall,as read it years ago. The ID chip etc will be the seal that will determine your allegiance ON EARHT. To the system, NWO.
I have read that GOD is all merciful even to the day of Judgement and standing before the judgement seat. He still loves you and gives you that chance to repent. So I am thinking, the devil has cunningly urged men to create a form of ID,restricting the food and water, the staples man needs in order to survive,forcing loyalty worship and allegiance,to him,that once accepted, is deeply embedded in your mind,body,soul, so you can NEVER turn back to GOD. This devils seal once you accept it, will become permanent.Once you choose to not have GOD, and his son comes back, and all is over, there’s no 2nd chance.
So get out of his bogus churches today. Become free, and think for yourself. Find the truth for your self and your soul. Your soul is worth mint. Don’t lose it because some church lied to you!