Comment on Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories by shadowmanfan.

It’s symbolic. It’s twofold. I read “666” is a mistranslation,it should read 616. A footnote in the middle column of a bible I read, said cf. Daniel ch? vs? So I did,
and found it to be the measurements of King Solomon’s temple…
Hang on I just had an idea…let’s back up a bit…SOL = SUN LO =low, dawn,or law? MON? = MOON? SUN of MOON?
Anyway…an e-book I read claims 666 = is a Free-masonic or Illuminati code for 600 60 10. A secret code know one but initiates or those at the top know.
I thought of numerology when looking at it. 6+6+6 = 18= 1+8 =9. Nine being the number of a nation. Who favors 9…as lucky? Well I thought it was the chinese…but have since been told, no it’s 8.

But the bible says “The devil (Satan) sends the BEAST” ( in this sense not symbolizing the BEAST, as an animal, or evil demon, but the BEAST man,or nation. Read Aramaic scriptures as translated by Alexander,to learn more), “with wrath (great fury,speed). “it is a Human number… its number…666.”
Computer chips will play a major part in the NWO’s regime. To track all, bring them under one rule, one religion, so they can kill off any non-conformers.

You have in a sense already received the mark of the BEAST (the most powerful nation,BABYLON SYSTEM. By accepting the false religion RCC and any of it’s off shoots! Remember Cain? He received a MARK or an IDENTIFYING MARK that the people in the land of NOD would see, but it was the seal of the PROTECTION OF GOD.Yahweh.And they would NOT slay him as Cain stated. When you become a true christian, GOD gives you the HOLY SPIRIT, and his seal of approval is automatically placed upon you.It’s his SIGN .Because in the Bible it states, GOD knows HIS from afar off. Similar is found in the story of the prodigal son.
So if you haven’t got Yahuwah’s seal,you’ve automatically got Satan’s…Hence….”If you receive the MARK, sign,indication of loyalty to,commitment to the BEAST..the Devil..and his false apostate church…churches…..” The ID chip etc, is the permanent, nonnegotiable,that seals where you will spend eternity.