Comment on Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories by shadowmanfan.

I’ve been reading this is all a hoax. But I personally believe there could be some truth to it, it just sounds bizzare, My friend placed this article on his IM faceplate page – theghostwhotalks@imfaceplate…I believe 9/11 was a 911 a code for the major and minor players in the bombings, so they’d see, and know a great “emergency” was going to happen on that day!
According to the book of revelations,and many theologists, there will be a great evil threat coming from the Arab nations, Zionist Jews and the Catholic church in Rome.
I have read a copy of the Zionist protocols and they want all power,(not the Jews living in peace with the Muslims in Palestine, lets get that clear…but the fake Jews living in Israel, the fake state given them by the British) but are stuck under the Catholic thumb,right now, of which they hate. But one day they will rise overcome it,and rule. The RCC will use the Arabs to do their dirty work, murdering thousands of non-Muslim, christian and non-Cathoilc beliefs. There will be an all out battle to secure the oil, food, and water. It will be scarce but available at the most ridiculous prices.