Comment on Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories by Mike Oxor.

They buried him at sea ‘in accordance with Islamic religious practices’, and at sea so fellow terrorists couldn’t make a shrine for him. Or it’s because it’s not him, or there isn’t even a body.
Also, watch

and look at the pictures. Notice the facial expressions are exactly the same, as well as the face angle, moustache and mouth. Don’t tell me that he fell after being shot and landed in that position! Bullshit! That’s been photoshopped – anyone could have done that. Also, he was killed at roughly 4am GMT and that photo was first released at about 6am. They didn’t release it right away – maybe to give them time to do some photoshop magic?????
Surely Al-Qaeda could have got a lookalike to pose as Bin Laden and get shot so the US stop looking when he’s plotting something big. They say they’ve IDed him but would they have had any DNA belonging to Bin Laden previously? and the US government can just say they’ve identified it as him. They can say what they like. All the 9/11 stuff about there not being any explosives involved…Ha!
Open your eyes, HE’S STILL ALIVE!