Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by shadowmanfan.

You call socialism as equalizing the wealth to all levels…Be nice if it was like that…but it isn’t! Many Democratic nations, or Governments are masquerading as Democratic, but are really pushing Socialist ideals. So you could call them Demo-socialists.
Read Engels,and Marx. Then compare the policies of many Western based organizations, such as the Social Welfare in New Zealand. They give you a lame excuse, tell loads of lies. I know these people because I am fighting them and their lies and false accusations to this day.They have manifestos based around those written by Engels and Marx, that push for the state to have the right to step in at any time for any reason, to remove possessions, and family members.

One of their policies is the breakdown of the family as a unit. And so do the homosexuals, and their law reform bill. In the gay rights manifesto,written by former MP Marilyn Waring, they too,hold to the idea they want to break down the family as a unit. Lived that rubbish too. A lesbian told me, she had more rights to MY child than I did…because she was there at the birth, and cut the umbilical cord. That’s insane!

Just like Soviet Socialist republic and the KGB did to the Russian people. They feasted on the best, while the poor peasants had to stand in the freezing cold just to get potatoes or Potato soup.
Socialist China control all the people, dictated what was allowed and not allowed, according to MAO. It brings some good, but often at the expense of many.And restricts their freedom. So no thanks.