Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by G_ Vincent.

Hi, the fact is you’re right…the New WOrld ORder is to sophisticated, to broad across the milennia and too diabolical to be merely human…it’s in fact of the devil, when you know how perfect , how evil and how many levels of society this plan has you know we’re dealing with somehting best explained by the supernatural…now i’ve concluded that as the bible says, this world is ruled by satan, via his luciferian secret societies etc etc…the only thing is reading the bible, it is full of sickness and impossible prefection required on a bunch of useless humans….this brings me to the most sad, depressing (doesnt mean to say it isnt true), conclusion…that quite possibly the devil & his traditional opposite are one and the same and he creates us for ‘sport’…as they say the fun is ‘in the chase’ for the hunter….as Descartes said, maybye the whole world & our notion of reality (incl. this ‘battle between evil & good) is a creation by a demon…a bad dream , from which we will have to wake up and realise how bad it really is…the truth is usually heartbreaking, the more heartbreaking , the more truth there is usually…hence i suspect i may have got it…sadly..