Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by JazzWoman1211.

I don’t wear a tin foil hat & although conspiracy theories are quite provocative, I remain highly skeptical of all of them. If you are going to believe in conspiracies, then how in the world can you believe ANYONE & ANYTHING? Where do you draw the line between what’s truth & what’s deceitful? Who’s good & who’s evil? I mean, the paranoia will drive you insane; and common sense will be replaced with nonsense. At some point, you will be squirreled away in your basement with an arsenal of crisis garden seeds…waiting for Dec 2012…having not bathed in over a month…when in reality you are suffering from delusion & paranoid personality disorder. I don’t discredit the nwo concept completely (I’m sure the idea has been among dinner table discussion among our ‘oh so clever’ world leaders from time to time); YET I also don’t feel that a group of wealthy elites are plotting to take over the world. (evil laugh with reverb) That seems a bit too Dr.Evil/Austin Powers for me. Next thing you know, we’ll be fighting off world domination from computers that have become human-like. But all kidding aside and I’m SERIOUS about this: I truly don’t think human beings are INTELLIGENT enough to pull off something like a nwo AND get away with it. For as far as we’ve come in our evolution/advancements…we’re still a bunch of bumbling, ignorant fools (no offense to anyone here, of course). Just my two cents… :0)