Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by Jon.

In response to HM

“I’m not trying to preach anything here..” – I think you are doing exactly that.

“If you look at the Masonic cult, you will see that they are worshippers of the Anti-Christ or Dajjal(I’m dead serious). Just look at their dollar bill or the one eyed symbols you might come across in other forms of media.” – COMPLETE RUBBISH, they don’t worship anyone in Freemasonry and symbols on the dollar bill is not a Freemason symbol. It was artist Simitiere, a non-mason that did the designs which included the “eye of providence” within a triangle which came from Renaissane art and you see this is old Christian Churches and Cathedrals. It is true that Freemasons have similar symbols now but they did not invent them. Like the Cross, it can mean different things to different people. Christians love the cross but Jews hate it because if symbolises hatred and making the whole Jewish race guilty for something they never did.

Fundamentalist Christians thinks they are right, everyone else is wrong and see everything through the eyes of their brainwashed ideas that demands it is true and everything else is false.

That view isn’t much different from the witch hunters or crusaders who took a subjective one-sided view of life, religion, politcs etc and looked for someone else to blame as scapegoats like the Jews or some other poor defenceless group. You are so mistaken in suggesting that Masons worship ‘Anti-Christ or Dajjal’, that’s just nonsense. There is no one person or hierarchy in freemasonry with some guy or ‘Anti-christ’ at the top. ‘Anti-Christ’ is a Christian myth anyway, just another person to blame for your own problems like the mythical Lucifer which does not exist in the Jewish theology and came from pagan myth. Freemasons worship no person in Freemasonry and members of any political or religious group can join and continue their own religion. I suggest your source of information is from second hand Christian information or from the Internet and you are a fool to swallow it hook line and sinker. For some, everything that isn’t Christian and accepts that Jesus (who may never have existed at all) is God. How crazy is that? How dare we compare a human being to God. Religion and politics are not discussed in Freemasonry because they can cause division. Christianity is a good example of a religion that believes it’s members are right and everyone else is wrong and will probably go to hell. Funny how Muslims believe they are right and you are wrong and you will go to hell. How do you know you are so right when others believe just as much that they are too. We could all learn something from the Freemasons who uphold “Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth” and think of all human beings as equal.