Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by BS.

I’ve been reading all these conspiracy theories for days now about the NWO and I’ve come to this conclusion. None of it is backed by factual evidence, it’s all made up connections between historical events. And the rest is all complete bull shit about what is going to happen in the near future. All this leads to mass paranoia and an attempt at getting the public to revolt against “them,” the global elite, whomever these individual may be (which none of the theories reveal). So who writes these things anyway? My conclusion is either people with too much time on their hands who just want to cause chaos, or higher ups in the gold industry. Why the gold industry? Look at the link below. On any of the conspiracy sites they talk about how we are slaves to the dollar (which I agree but not how they put it) and that the dollar will continue to get weaker, so you should invest in gold to protect yourself from something that quite frankly I don’t think is gonna happen. But hey, I’m just another sheep who’s sleeping.