Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by ASHTAR SHERAN.

the guy who wrote this: 1) Our country has given FEDERAL power to PRIVATE organizations like the Federal Reserve Bank Of America and the IRS. 2) We occupied two countries in the Middle East to “Stop terror” but i saw the bombing of Baghdad and that was real terror. Ya Saddam was fucked up but we put him there. He killed a lot of people for no reason and we completely leveled a high population center and I’m sorry but that’s terrorism. We then instilled a Democracy “For the good of the people” ya right, they are just forcing our western views on people who don’t want to be like us and don’t want to be controlled any more. 3) Al-Qaeda was created and traind by U.S. CIA and special forces to combat Soviet Russia. (This is just a personal view i have no evidence to prove it and I’m not forcing this on any one believe what you want) I believe the U.S. is still in contact with and cooperating with Al-Qaeda as a Middle East special forces unit (Again that’s my personal opinion and take what you want from it). Now I really don’t give a f#$k what you people think of this none of us will ever see the same thing all I’m asking is you find something worth fighting for (Feeding the hungry or stopping the unjust taxation of American citizens by the IRS) and be heard our founding fathers knew that government is easily corrupted and gave Americans the ability to affect direct change. SO PLESE JUST DO SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF THE HUMAN RACE. I THINK THE SAMETHING AND YOU ARE RIGTH JUST READ THE BOOK NO PLANE CRASHED ON THE PENTAGONE AND YOU WILL BE ENLIGTHED ON EVERY INFO RESSOURCE YOU NEED TO PROCEED. PROCEED INTO THAT PATH FOR !!! US HUMAN