Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by itsme.

Reminds me at Glen Beck lately “I can’t debunk the FEMA camps”. Likewise, I can’t debunk the NWO. I read the first comment, and can’t conclude this person is informed. For instance, he claims we invaded Iraq, because we had to fight the terrorist who attacked us. Every informed person on this planet knows that 911 was an insight job. You really don’t have to be paranoid this, neither you have to be a “conspiracy theorist” in order to know the truth. It’s just the way it is. These towers didn’t’ come down automatically. Charlie Sheen would agree with me. Furthermore…if the NWO was a HOAX, why are there so many people, ex scientists ex government employees, ex bankers, some alive, some death, who all warned us for the exact same thing?