Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by Bowser.

There are many reasons I don’t believe the New World Order is real.

-It makes claims that go back many decades, and have been proven wrong every time.
-In order for it to work, all the countries would have to agree to it, and there are too many countries that hate each other
-The whole concept of this is basically “Let me overthrow you so I can enslave you and everyone else”. No country in their right mind is going to agree to that!
-We’re the ones fighting AGAINST the terrorists, the USA has even hung Saddam Hussein, as well as increased security in many places, to protect us from terrorists. And here the nincompoops are claiming that the people in power are on THEIR side. Bullshit!
-As has been pointed out, it just takes a bunch of stuff, lumps it together, and says it’s all connected, without actually proving it. It also takes a lot of quotes out of context, such as Bush’s speech in 1991.
-It makes false claims about rich people, such as David Rockefeller supposedly announcing the New World Order. There is no proof that he actually said that. You can say that anyone said anything, but there’s no factual proof that he said what they say he did. Also, he’s just a statesman and a banker. And he and the Rockefeller family have done many good things. Don’t believe bullshit such as “The Rockefeller File” book. There are a ton of books that make up false biographies about rich people, and/or people in power, or that were in power. That doesn’t make it true!
-If this stuff is going on behind our backs/in secret, then how the hell does ANYONE know about it? They must not be very good at keeping secrets. >_>

I just don’t believe any of it. It’s bullshit made up by people with a severe case of paranoia that have too much time on their hands. And they’ve gotten many people to believe it, sadly. But don’t buy it. Just…don’t. It’s not true, and it never will be!