Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by PrivateSi.

There are many flavours of NWO. There are many far fetched conspiracy theories tagged onto the NWO facts. Some say disinformation, some say profiteering.

The parallels between the NWO system and the NWO conspiracy theory are quite profound in terms of structure. The NWO is an over-reaching uber-structure that adds 2 levels of global super-structure – the tip of the pyramid.

It is almost completely implemented. The top ‘new’ (now quite old) level is currently the UN that presides over the lower ‘new’ super-structures of Europe, the US (soon to become the North American Union), the African Union, Asian Union & Russian Federation. The structure is in place but in the future names may change and figure-heads may be added (ie. World President).

PRO NWO arguments:

Peace through cooperation, treatise & gang-coercion against ‘rogue’ nations.
Homogeneity of the human species (over time). ie. subcultures will be assimilated so we become more similar.
Free Trade
Global Taxation (carbon tax being a prime example)
International Socialism / communism (ie. global taxes shared)
Economies of scale.
Fast world-wide implementation of new ideas
Eventual 1 world language (English) adoption.
Easier population control (of minds, jobs & numbers)

ANTI NWO arguments:


If you don’t see the further removed power is from the people the more corruption takes place (and has always taken place) you really are a sucker!!