Comment on New World Order Conspiracy Theories by t9o.

whatever you think you know or say or believe ,even your most sincere opionion has been put there by the NWO. So when you say (we dont know what the governemt is up to ), thats giving them even more power , you the people are the governemt !dO NOT ,I REPEAT DO NOT OPEN YOUR TV ANYMORE! DO NOT BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING , DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING. THAT IS ONLY A FEAR THEY PUT INTO U. Everything u hear on on the news is controled ,everything u believe about yourself has been put there, and if you think im crazy ,then dont come on hear writing about the new world order ,because they have u already ,and if u think its a joke ,well thats another think they made u believe ,they made u beleive it by scaring u on what the world is becoming.Just like a magic trick on tv ,you will believe someone who levatates himself and beleive it ,its just cameras doing it ,and the paticipants are in it ,even the ones watching it. The worse part of it all is that they made u even beleive in a contradiction to who jesus was ,he was now married and had a child , dont u see! u believe what they want u to believe ,they want u to dought everything that u ever beleived , they are scum , and if u dought wnat i say ,when the new world order takes affect ,and believe me it will ,it wont be you or the people forced to accept it ,oh no my dear friends ,it will be you wanting it ,they will cause so much fear that they will make u believe that there are bad things in the world ,they r the bad ones ,they will cuase u to starve and let u believe its because the world is at war with the bad people ,but its them who cause it ,at that point youl be so weak and for the love of your kids family ect ,you will accept it believing that what they are telling u is true ,u will also beleive it so so real that u will feel the need to accept and believe them. gUESS WHAT ,100 years ago tornados accured ,accidents happened and serious wars were there ,but we never heard of them because tv media was not there to tell u , and now we are bombarded with the media ,to the point that even a fluid scares u ,the very same fluid that accured 200 yyears ago ,perfectly natural for a living planet..