Comment on FreeMason Conspiracy Theories by Tin Machine.

@ Nilesh – The only connection between Freemasonry and Solomon’s Temple is a legend. Freemasons use the story of the building of Solomon’s Temple and the workmen involved (fictional) to relay an allegorical story or fidelity and integrity. There is no other real connection of Freemasonry or Freemasons to Solomon’s Temple.
Even the legend itself did not appear in print until the second version of Anderson’s Constitutions of 1732.

@ Keilah – It is usual for one to point at the Morgan Affair when espousing the supposed evils of Freemasonry. However the real facts (when you take the political pundits out of it) do not bear out any tradition or precedent of wrong doing. In other words, it was just an isolated incident of Masons behaving badly (maybe). It is accepted by many that the Lodge at Batavia and a few others may have had a hand in Morgan’s disappearance, but the problem is it never happened before and never happen after. The politics and Morgan’s own behavior may have also been to blame. Morgan was not a model citizen and pretty much a dreg and a pretender. Since his body was never found and even reports have surfaced that he re-located to Canada and lived out his life there is relative comfort adds to the story.
If this is the only incident you can use to disparage an organization that is hundreds of years old and has done so many good things for the communicates in which they live, then it’s a sad commentary for the antis and that was the beginning and end of their quest to destroy Freemasonry.