Comment on Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories by Kolleen Kirkpatrick.

Roy, wrong! Do your homework! I do agree with you on one fact, LONG LIVE THE KING! And if you love him, you would know that he is alive and happier today at age 77. I love him so very much, that is why I read Alanna Nash’s book “Baby Let’s Play House” and also have listened to YouTube regarding his death.

Have you been to Graceland? Did you know that Elvis spelled his middle name “Aron” not “Aaron?” If you are a true-blue Elvis fan, you should know this, as he was named after his twin brother who died at birth, Jesse Garon. Therefore, his parents gave him the middle name “Aron” after his twin brother, “Garon.” So why did his Father, Vernon, place on his epitaph, Elvis Aaron Presley? And Elvis had in his Last Will and Testament that he wanted to be buried between his brother, Jesse, and his Mother. He is NOT! Why? Because his Father was saying, “my son isn’t really there.”

I am a die-hard Elvis fan and love love love him. I tend to foist Elvis on people. So I have done a lot of research and found facts to support he is alive and well.

I agree with you, LONG LIVE THE KING! And may God bless him.