Comment on Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories by Kolleen Kirkpatrick.

After reading comments, especially this last one regarding “BAD PEOPLE,” I must say the name of those “BAD PEOPLE” were “The Fraternity,” which if you do your homework, they are a group of assassins from California. Yes, Google it! I saw this on YouTube and read it in Alanna Nash’s book called, “Baby Let’s Play House.” Elvis, himself, admitted wearing a bullet-proof vest under his jumpsuit. Watch YouTube. He says it in a concert.

Also, Elvis does NOT spell his middle name Aaron! If you are a true-blue Elvis fan, you would know this fact! His birth certificate reads, “Elvis Aron Presley.” Okay, now you are probably doubting me, but he was named after his twin brother who died at birth, Jesse Garon Presley. His middle name is “Aron” on his birth certificate, military records, “supossed” death certificate and his marriage certificate. So WHY, oh WHY, does his epitaph read, “Elvis Aaron Presley? ” And wax does sweat! Ask any scientist. And why did the mortician have to glue his sideburns back on during the viewing?

And handwriting experts from the Watergate crisis did an analysis on the handwriting on the death certificate, and it is Elvis Presley’s handwriting. And he was an 8th degree blackbelt, and WAY BEFORE his death, he would slow his heartbeat down very, very low, as well as his breathing, and the Memphis Mafia thought he was dead. And he would jump up and scare them. He was always doing practical jokes. Read AlannaNash’s book. Very enlightening.

And what about the newspaper article in which it shows Elvis with his good friend, Mohammed Ali? Bill Bixby, before his intoned death, was on TV regarding that article and picture. Bill Bixby and Elvis were good friends. But Bill Bixby had a young man on who claimed it was he in the picture! I am sorry to say this, but, BULLSHIT, that guy did not look ANYTHING like the picture! Again, experts have analysized the photo, and it was Elvis. And this was in 1988, the beginning of Mohammed Ali’s dreaded illness. Even Lisa Maria made an “oops” one time on the Oprah Winfrey Show when she was interviewed. She referred to her Father, Elvis Presley, in the first person! And I will NEVER forget that because when she did it, she said, “I mean he WAS a good Father.”

Go on YouTube and listen to Elvis himself talking to a professional wax sculptor. There are other tape recordings of Elvis, which, again, have been analysized by experts in our government, and they did voice analysis and said that even the best Elvis impersonator could not match the voice modulations. It was definitely Elvis Presley.

There is so much more evidence that he did fake his death, as the Federal Government back in the Nixon era, said they placed him under Witness Protection.
And why was one of his airplanes missing, plus several books and jewelry?

He was heavy into numerology. That is why he had the 2001same Space Oddessy as his Come-on song. Again, read Alanna Nash’s book and you will understand regarding Elvis’s fascination with numerology.

Yes, I do believe he faked his death. He had to, otherwise, he would have been killed! If he is still alive today, he would be 77. And if he is alive, I pray he is happier and at peace.

Long live the King of Rock ‘n Roll!