Comment on Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory by ToooTrooo.

My Childs. History is nothing but a chronicle of events that were once considered “conspiracy theories” until they became bloodied conspiracy facts. This phobia about conspiracy theory in general has been spawned by Satan to prevent all and every scrutiny into his machinations. Whatever happened to commoner garden old SUSPICION? Doesn’t have that ole jingle-jangle “conspiracy theory’ bell ring to it. We suspect Common Purpose is up to no good because Common Sense tells us that where there is money involved there is invariably skullduggery. As flies to shit are Satan’s little helpers to the smell of money. Thank God for conspiracy theorists, be they right or wrong, or we could all end up like hounded and massacred Jews of the last world world. Had they not been “paranoid” or suffering from “conspiracy theory” they would have been okay. Right? Over to you Satan.