Comment on Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory by Keith.

What has happened over the past 20 years is Common Purpose training the leaders in every part of society, and choosing and installing the new leaders. You can go to the government website to read about how David Cameron (through Common Purpose) launched the “UK-India Future Leaders” scheme, investing in the “self-sustaining network” of future leaders in all parts of society. What right have those currently in power to tell us who our future leaders will be, and use our money to train those selected by them?

If Common Purpose were doing a good job selecting and training these leaders in every part of society, surely we should be seeing society improve – eg. the hospitals, police force, schools, etc. should be doing a better and better job as this wonderful organisation teaches those in charge of everything to improve society, with this improvement growing as their graduates increase and get more and more power.

Is this what is happening, or have things begun to fall apart more and more since Common Purpose started interfering and growing?