Comment on Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory by Julian Constantine.

There are plenty of conspiracies, some are entirely legitimate, a consortium of developers could be deemed a conspiracy,as could the Wright brothers who were at pains to protect their secrets until they could get paid for them. As to murky sinister NWO type scenarios, I am certain that there are many who seek covertly to change the patterns of human activity in different areas so as to further their agendas, but overall I find most of these posited conspiracies to be ludicrous. We need to remember that there is a very strong instinct to mess up other peoples plans if we don’t like them and I will be heading to bald Mountain to live with the lizard-people when Lex-Luther nukes california to create a new coastline.When the world does not end in 2012 there will be those who will say,no it’s going to happen on June 12th 2102 at 2 minutes past Nine. dumb vivimus vivamus. JLC