Comment on Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory by Pericles.

I watched the Common Purpose DVD, made by the Libertarian group TPUC featuring Europhobe Brian Gerrish which doing the rounds, this weekend.

This guy is a slick and professional businessman, who gets paid for his appearences and has a newspaper to sell.

He provides no information to to back up his claim that this group is controlling events to bring about the changes he clearly doesn’t want. The evidence provided does show that Common Purpose do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, check out their website.

He or you may not like what they are doing but its no more sinister than the other group mentioned ‘Demos’.

Conspiracy theories are by their nature unfalsifiable and therefore unbelievable.

On another note watch his body language if you get a chance to watch the DVD he’s constantly wringing his hands!

Breaking news a relialke source has confirmed that Elvis has been found living with JFK at Area 51 and they’re faking moon landings!