Comment on CIA Conspiracy Theories by TheTruth Revealed.

The government organization ( C I A ) has alot more to it,than what meets the eye. Its like, why do government figures who supposibly “leak information” always end up going missing ,getting assasinated, or ending up dead ? obviously there are some things we( as the people of america ) aren’t supposed to know or ” find out “. My personal opionion is, that the life style we have and the economy we have is just an experiment. If the government has the ability to create money, than why is america in debt ? why are banks going corrupt ? because they want this to happen. Think about it. drug dealers and bank robber ALWAYS get caught, either sooner, or years down the road. why ? because the government has set up a trap. every dollar bill has a different code on each one. thats why people cannot commit fraud. it amazes me how stupid people are. Look at the facts. but yeahh, this is my personal opinion. so dont get all technical with me ,if you dont agree with what u have saidd. well byee