Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by shadowmanfan.

GOD wants us to ask him things! Ask him for forgiveness, salvation, his mercy and grace.He wants us to ask him questions. To question his word, words.
Yahushua (Jesus) tells us in the new testament, the word of GOD, or the scriptures are open to reading,interpretation,proving,etc.
He said to the young man…” HOW DO YOU INTERPRET THEM?” in that case,The Laws of Moses.
I prefer to break away from the World churches and their control freaks, trying to get you their by many devious tricks. I got sick of all the backbiting of others, the fairy tales,lies,pagan days like Christmas,Easter etc. S o I pulled out and feel do free! But I still study, looking for the true scriptures, at http:;/
We are NOT to doubt he is who he says he is, claims to be. We are not to turn away from him, yet he gives us free will to choose. We often choose our own ways, because it’s deemed “uncool” by our peers. So like sheep we blindly follow them. A trick of the devil.

hose who are of the spirit, cling to the things of the Spirit. Those who are of the flesh, cling to the things of the flesh They do NOT come to the LIGHT, as their DARKNESS will be revealed. They love Darkness, therefore, hate the light!”