Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by you are your own god.

yeah well who here ask for all this? i dont recall asking god to kill his only son for my sins. my sins are my sins just like my life is my life i controll the present therfore i controll my future if he created us then we can all blame him for our actions wheather or not he gave us free choice he created us to be that way. think about it religon was the first order of govt. to keep order and goodness in the villages, towns or whatever its a made up story like a santa clause for grown ups, and for the people who still want to argue it then what about the people who still live in tribes today that have know idea of god and what to belive to get to heaven or to know what heaven is for that matter they get to go burn in hell because where they were born sounds pretty fucked up, your brainwashed into beliveing a god its ok most people are but you know what im glad it keeps half the population in check but im better than that i dont need a god to tell me right from wrong and i man up to my mistakes learn from them and move on i dont need help from a god.