Comment on Bible Conspiracy Theory by Believer In Christ and God.

Hello there, Wow, alot of people have there own thoughts and opinons on this Hot topic. But Do you really Believe there is No God, and No Jesus. I mean you didnt think the earth just all of a sudden came to life on its own did you, Not even man can do this kind of Work???? – God is real he’s be real since noah time, abraham time, moses time, doesnt that tell you anything. And all these Great Men where born before the Son of Man????… I dont mean to be forward or rude, But people its time to WAKE UP…. God is near, the goverment and the world leaders arent going to save you, ITS GOD, and jesus is the answer to all things, listen anyone who is reading this, Go and I encourage you to buy the Book called “Divine Revelation of Hell” Writen by Mary K. Baxter, read the bible its the best way to learn and all answers are there for the end of times. God be with all , and God bless you Time is running out, the devil isnt walking anymore, hes running to get all souls to hell, Believe and stay faithful to the one who is coming to take us all back home, repent and ask Jesus to be you lord and savouior…. God be with you all.