Comment on Moon Landing Hoax by ner0.

You may think you’re debunking the facts but then you’re not.
Logic doesn’t really apply on this kind of proof so keep it away, explain with physics if you think you can handle it.

The documentary “What Happened on the Moon” is very interesting (hoax-wise of course). NOTICE TO LLBs: You will never be able to look at this subject the same way.

If anything NASA is to blame for the whole hoax theory because of photo retouching and video set-ups, even if the propaganda targeted securing future fundings. The blast are the videos which show growing shadows cast by the astronauts when they get a few feet nearer the “sun” in relation to a second astronaut a few feet away. Man, that’s just irrefutable, swallow it up.

You can also suck on your thumbs while watching some of this material:

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