Comment on Moon Landing Hoax by Baratacus.

Laser reflectors and Unmaned remote rovers were also left on the lunar surface by the rusians long before the U.S. allegedly landed on the moon. The russian devices were deposited there by unmaned missions. Why would you think the presence of lunar based laser reflectors prooves that astronauts went there?

The observatories that you listed did not monitor the astronauts landings on the lunar surface, they were able to monitor the vehicles from launch through high orbit, but were not capable of monitoring a craft that small past high orbit around our planet. All monitoring past that point was done by radio transmission through a relay transiever placed between the earth and the moon prior to the mission launch.

The lunar orbitor that recently took photos of the landing sites was only able to take low resolution pictures where the craft appeared as 6 pixel^2 blob and could not be readily identified. The fact that you can see a trail of footprints on a picture with 3 meters/pixel of resolution only supports the theory that the photos were doctored. Those footpaths would have to be 9 feet across to even show on the images and the equipment cart the astronauts allegedly pulled was only 2 feet wide. The tracks were more likely a natural anomoly of the surface.
There are no observatories that confirm the landings
Moon rocks are the same as earth rocks. In fact it is theorized by nasa that the moon is a chunk of the earth.