Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by jim.

for me the lack of return journeys to the moon is very telling.

if it became mundane somehow to go back because they had been there already, surely they should have started building a base there with a view to colonising it. maybe not much to learn from being on the moon, but wouldnt it have been the best way to train for trips to other planets.

I honestly feel that the landings were hoaxed. i feel america felt pressure not to lose another race with russia and went to any lengths to avoid that scenario.

i believe every time they try to send man to space for real it ends in tragedy with the shuttle explosions etc.

also if our tv satellite dishes are takeing a signal from space. why does the tv guy need a compass to point it north, east , south or west ( depending on your local )
surely the optimum position to recieve a signal from space would be to point the dish directly up through the clouds.