Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by Jeff.

I would be willing to admit the possibility of faking a moon landing while the entire world is watching would be possible but very difficult , almost as difficult as winning the lottery but people do win the lottery. But to fake it five more times afterwards and get away with it. A person doesn’t win the lottery six times. I’m sorry. People have been watching too many movies. Why people find it so difficult to believe we could have went to the moon is beyond me. All the hoax evidence I’ve seen is nothing more that lighting issues or gravity issues. Conspiracy theorists are nothing more than people that want to believe so badly that there is something big in the world that needs to be proven wrong. I find it amazing that there isn’t one ..not one person that was involved that isn’t wanting to come clean ..even on their deathbed. Conspiracy theorists = drama queen/king