Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by chuck.

You said US was loosing in Space Race with Soviet. That;s not entirely true because the Americans were catching up fast the soviet achievement in space.
Especially, the americans equalized their achievement in space exploration with Gemini program.
With Gemini 3 launched in March 1965 carrying John Young,Gus Grissom, the astronauts changed for the first time the orbit of the space craft. ( the soviet spacecraft couldnt because they were controlled by the mission control)
With Gemini 4 launched in June 1965 carrying Jim Mcdivitt,Edward White, Edward white did a space walk longer than Alexey leonov who was the soviet cosmonaut who did the spacewalk for 12 minutes in March of that year. Edward white walked in space for 21 minutes.
The Astronauts in Gemini 5 launched later in 1965 were in space for 1 week.They broke the record set by the soviets with the flight of Vostok 5(The cosmonaut stayed in space for 5 days)
Gemini 6 and 7 carrying Wally Schirra,Tom Stafford and Jim Lovell and Frank Borman achieved a very close rendez vous within the distance of 1 meter between two spacecrafts. The soviet already did that but the distance between two manned spacecraft was longer. And the astronauts in gemini 7 were on Earth for 2 weeks. With Gemini 10, 11, 12, the docking in space was made possible by the americans. Not the soviets. And the technique of the Extra vehicular Activity aka Spacewalk was being developped by the Americans while in the other hand, the soviet didnt do the same after the very first spacewalk they did with Voskhod 2 in 1965. And mentionning the space station is not right because the soviet space station Mir was launched in 1986 way long after the gemini/apollo program. And the Salyut which was the first spacestation was launched in 1971 to equal the americans on the moon. So, To say that US was loosing with the launch of the first space station is not logic. However, we should thank to Mr Nixon for cutting the NASA budget. If we continued with apollo program without budget cut, we could have achieved a significant progress in Space Exploration.