Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by LunarOrbit.

There are two main reasons we haven’t gone back to the moon.

1. It’s REALLY expensive. The Apollo Program cost $25 billion (which would be around $170 billion in today’s dollars). Many people considered continuing to go to the moon after beating the Russians a waste of money (I don’t agree, but I don’t get to decide what NASAs budget is).

2. Politics. One President will announce plans to return to the moon, another President will scrap those plans. NASA will be stuck in Low Earth Orbit until both political parties can agree on a long term goal (going to the moon, or to Mars, for example).

Apollo happened at a special time in American history. The United States was competing with the Soviets and this justified the cost of going to the moon for many people. Without that kind of competitive rivalry the United States has a hard time justifying an expensive space program today.

People saw Apollo as a race against the Russians. After the race was won people didn’t see the point in continuing to run.