Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by Shandooga.

“At one point over half a million people were involved in the Apollo project at one time, and the conspiracy believers are saying that no one came forward even on their death beds (dead men/women can not be killed) and out of all of those people nobody saw a sense of duty to tell the people of their country the truth!!”

America is a nation that values money and power, not truth. Furthermore, people who decided to fake it could have done so *FOR THE CAUSE OF PATRIOTISM*. They could easily have been convinced that it was better for the American people’s morale if they believed that the US had won. Think about it: how fearful were people of the Soviets? More than a little, and the perception of primacy is as good as primacy itself. Furthermore, the US “won” the space race so the Soviets quit? Why didn’t they go to the moon anyway? The US owns it? They didn’t go because of the radiation and that’s the reason no one as gone since–even the people who “went”.

Additionally, the argument that “1/2 a million people” would have to keep the secret is a fallacy. Compartmentalization is they key; many people could have labored under false pretenses. Even persons who worked to create the stage where the “moon landings” were ultimately shot, could have been doing so without full knowledge of what they were creating and, more importantly, why.

The author seriously underestimates the US gov’t capacity and facility for deception. That is a potentially fatal mistake.