Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by Stacey Shirley.

Sorry bout my writing skills.
Really!!! You know my favorite part of this. Is how everyone that are non believers say’n why havent we gone back? Well how many times do we have to go some where to finish the mision at hand? They where finding out that a rocket that brakes up in three or four parts before it even gets in to real outer space, Then has to go and split up again to land the LM on the moon. Then again to get off the moon. then hook up with the Lunar orbiter. Just to go and do it one more time to get back home was like way to much. And for what to go kick some more rocks around and take some pitcures. There was money to be made back. And to save bye come’n up with a better plan. For come’n and go’n. With out all the stuff they paid big bucks for just going to waste (well not waste). If every time you went to a drive in movie and you had to leave your car there when the move was over because you had to drive off a cliff and jump out and parachute to get home you wouldn’t go back. Or you would find away to do it. Bye drive’n off the ciff and landing the car safely on its wheel’s. Or some thing.
What was there 6 moon landings? You know they put a reflector of some type on the surface that they used to tell if the moon and earth where moving away from each other. There are space ships right now that have been sending us pictures form the other planets. I think the one ship was only to last a few years and its been like 20. Not for sure about the time but its true I belive. We have landed what 3 ships on Mars. How can any one say or think that we never landed on the moon.

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