Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by iSaid.

“How could anyone have faked this sort of stuff with the photographic capabilities of 1969?”..(the commentator, a believer, was refering to the photos of the apollo space craft in moon orbit, the illustration of the reduction of gravitational force allowing the astronaults to jump up and down in a smooth fashion, and rock samples brought back from the moon, etc).

If this were true, how do you suppose we’d land on the moon lacking so much technology? Don’t you think that if we had the technology to go to the moon, we’d definitely have technology to fake a moon landing?

We DO have plausible arguments on why we should go back to the moon (had we gone on the first place). But NASA is telling us (among many other stories) that it’s still not safe, or because of budget cuts. It’s funny how easy it is to sustain those arguments after the preceding unfortunate Columbia and Challenger tragedy?