Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Why Fake a Moon Landing? by Mark Rothwell.

The whole hoax theory makes me so mad! I can’t see how people can sit there and deny this thing ever happened. The rockets launched, we all saw that. There are photos and film of the Apollo spacecraft in orbit around the Moon. There is film of astronauts jumping up and down, clearly in incredibly low gravity. How could anyone have faked this sort of stuff with the photographic capabilities of 1969? The critics of the lunar surface photographs need to wake up and face the facts. The Apollo astronauts were on a different world – things were bound to look different. The questionable shadows people keep banging on about were probably down to the fact that the Moon is drastically different in shape and surface area to Earth, hence shadows and horizons looked strange to our eyes. The Moon exists in unfamiliar physics. If the landings were faked then how do you explain the Apollo 13 disaster? Would NASA really have tried killing their own men? The whole Apollo saga was so full of surprises, you couldn’t make it up if you tried. If there was a conspiracy then someone involved with the agency at the time would have broken by now and come forward with the truth. With a powerful enough telescope, Apollo hardware is just about visible on the Moon. Rock samples from the Moon exist on Earth, and there are people still alive today who were lucky enough to walk on it. Personally, I don’t blame Buzz Aldrin for punching that paranoid conspiracy nut. If Aldrin hadn’t really been there, he would have shrugged it off! So please people, stop rubbishing the greatest achievement in human history, and look forward to when we return in 2020.