Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by Lefty.

I have watched a couple of videos on this, and as a scientist I am critical as of yet. All the lighting theories do not disprove anything, since we are not sure as to the equipment given to the astronauts in terms of tripods or lightings to obtain the shots. We do not have access to the data on the temperature , so to damage the film. The flag that ripples is also not proof, and the footprints left in the soil seem parculiar since, but still do not give enough proof to dispute the claim that we landed on the moon.

The only thing I thought was very strange is that the propulsion engines near the surface of the moon left no marking under the craft of apollo 11. If the weight of the a human footprint left impressions which they did, then why the propulsion engines left not even a trace of impact is questionable. I was also disturbed about the recently found shots of how and when the pictures were taken of the earth. The films clearly shows buzz aldrin, neil armstong.. in the module, and the earth is filling the entire perimeter of the window of that craft. The NASA films document the time of these photos, taken on July 19, and the 20th. If this is true… these astronauts were orbiting in space possibly not trackable by radar, and less than 250 miles from the earth surface. The video of them landing on the moon would therefore have to have been faked.

The only real proof that they made it to the moon, would be location and identification of the united state flag. The earth located lasor labs that pick up data by reflective signals place on the moon, could be a false positive signal. Also, the debris from the moon should be collected and returned to earth, and the rocks brought home from the astronauts should be a footprint match.

If it was real – it is the of the greatest scientific advances in our lifetime. If it was forged, well,, they did a good job at that too.