Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by scienceseeker.

I hate to tell all of you guys and gals this, but if NASA tried to fake the moon landings, the radars of USSR, Japan, China, Korea, etc etc would have said: “No, they didn’t go.” You know they would NEVER had let the USA get away with a hoax!

And all of the hundreds of thousands of telescopes of the world (from 12inches on up) which were focused on the moon, would have said: “Hey, why can’t we see them?”


I looked at AULIS’s analysis of photos AS17-134-20437-20443 which he claims shares the same studio background with AS17-147-22494-22521. All of his “evidence” is simply refuted when you look closely at the big mountain in the right rear.

Focus at the top, notice along the upper left section that the ridge lines are slightly different! Also notice that in the photo with the lander behind the astronaut, how far away it is, now consider how camera lenses COMPRESS distances. With this in mind, you realize that moving from where the astronaut is to the lander will produce that slight difference in the ridge lines.
To the untrained camera eye they would look the same, but they are actually two real photos.

Now to handle your light source problems, if you do some web research, you will discover the alien presence on the moon. There is one Coast to Coast three part interview dealing with this, part three:

talks specifically about bright alien lights on the moon, and even has a photo with one of these lights, it is so bright it nearly washes out the picture, yet it does not extend very far across the moon, yet when looking at the shadows from the craters, they are too oblique for a locolized source, yet it is not the sun.

We have seen other examples of strange alien lights on tape: UFO Hunters from Texas where the light did not TOUCH THE GROUND, IT STOPPED IN MID AIR. This is not possible in our physics, yet we come across this again in the 1950’s by a Russian MIG pilot whose plane’s wing flew through one of these lights coming down from a UFO, the pilot said he could FEEL THE BEAM WHEN IT HIT THE WING! Once again, our physics. . . .

That wing glowed for a week until it was washed down with kerosene.

We have established that aliens have different lights than us, and that they have bases on the moon, so if there are strange light sources on the moon, who knows the source!
If you don’t know about the moon bases, check these web sites.

base on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON:
yes really, some of the structures are miles high.

In conclusion: The last Apollo mission was paid for, trained, built, and ready to fly; but it didn’t go. Why? We have stayed away from the moon for the last –and here comes that magic government number that pops up everywhere again– 50 years.

Now we can go back, who told us to stay off for 50 years? In case you are unaware, due to the lack of ozone and atmosphere, the cosmic rays of the sun cause an extra hydrogen atom to attach to certain grains laying all over the surface of the moon–stripping this atom is UFO fuel which is why there are so many moon buildings–just check the astronomical records from the big telescopes of the 50’s to the 90’s and all of their records of buildings and bridges miles long appearing, lights coming and going, one man said it looked like someone was hanging out laundry on the moon!

Change your focus from faking to why is our government not telling us about their involvement with alien races? This is a YouTube of a lecture that is like an introduction into the idea that we have been lied to by the gov and is an overview of Mars:

Listen to The Disclosure Project (the whole hour and 16 minutes, not small bit and pieces.) Here is the whole thing:

If you are strong enough to handle the truth, listen to this, but you had better be prepared and have an open mind!
If you have never seen Dr. Who, the intro to this next one won’t be relevant, just watch it anyway, the intro isn’t that long, the speaker at one point refers to Dr. Who, so it does get tied in. Have fun hearing the truth, this is informative:

I hope this helps,