Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by Baratacus.

mat, your a genius! They must have sent the Astronaut down that was supposedly in the command module in orbit waiting for them to return! That explains how they filmed themselves so well… (NASA’s official explanation is that they used a tripod for the shots showing two astronauts at once with a technician at mission control on earth operating radio controls) One second of radio signal delay isn’t too bad when shooting astronauts jumping around on the moon, the image the controls are working off of is 1 second old by the time the controler sees it, and the control movements he implements are 2 seconds delayed to see the Results. Thats 3 seconds of radio delay to contend with. 3 seconds of signal delay would make it impossible however to track the landers launch back into lunar orbit using a radio controled camera mount. explain how they were able to tilt the camera up and then pan over to follow the lander as it launched off of the lunar surface back into orbit.

Oh, BTW, look at that image of the flag. the top is drawn taught, and the top telescoping arm is at a 90deg. angle to the pole. That’s fully extended.. not partially extended. The moon isn’t weightless, its reduced gravity. without wind, and low gravity, the flag would hang just the same as if it were in your living room with the doors and windows closed. Try and make a flag look like it’s billowing like that in your living room by bunching it up a little on the pole.

conspiracy theorists don’t even have to TRY anymore. Sure their theories are all explained, but the explanations are crap.