Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by Matty.

You made the point that the maximum height of the dust is much smaller than the maximum height that the astronaut reached. You also said that the dust fell much quicker than him. Does this not make sense to you? Taking into account for the same gravity which applies to and is experienced both by the astronaut and the dirt, it would seem to make perfect sense that the majority of the dust will already be settled on the ground (because there is no air for the dirt to be supported by)? This is due to the fact that the dust is not attached to the astronauts boots and hence doesn’t possess the same vertical kinetic energy and is only momentarily disturbed as he applies downward force on the moon’s surface and jumps. Some of the dirt tracked into the base of his boots will come up with him, but as it is not directly attached, it will fall back to the surface according to Newton’s Laws while the astronaut who still possesses vertical kinetic energy will continue to rise. When his velocity is zero (due to the moon’s deceleration caused by its gravity (caused by mass)), he should (and does) fall back to the surface according to the same laws that caused the dirt to fall in a similar fashion. So basically, it is this “absence of air resistance” that causes the effect you described and that which is shown by footage taken on the Moon by NASA astronauts. “Science-ed” :P