Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by question everything.

I never even realised that the moon landings were in dispute until about a year ago.(British) What fascinates me, is that there are a lot of very good, well thought out, factually approached arguments that have been put forward by the sceptics (some crazy ones too) but every time I read someones attemt to debunk, they are vague, generalising, dismisive and contradictory just like this one. The writer states that there was no dust on take off because it had been blasted away on landing. Funny that, because I earlier read from another debunker that there was no dust in the landing videos on landing because there was no air, and the rocket only produced 1 1/2 lb per inch of pressure. If your not sure whether we went, google reflections in Visors, and even more obvious, consider why there is no video footage of the earth in the background in any of the missions.