Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Video Evidence by Joe the Destroyer CIA disinformation plant.

Seriously…why do all these “conspiracies” ignore facts?

The laser research was questioned: Yet, the labs have offered to the doubters the manuscripts involved when the astronaughts set the reflectrs in place. No conspiracist was interested.

Why didn’t the dirt move when the lander left? The loose dirt was already cleared from the landing, what was left below the lander, as is evidenced by voice recordings of the astronaughts assesments, was almost nothing but granite.

The flag waving in an atmosphere: Here;s a dandy, it couldnt be reproduced easily in Earths gravity, and it is obvious to someone who is capable of being objective, the flag only waves when the radio arms are being handled. It also maintains it’s shape and NEVER moves when it is just there by itself.

The stage prop: Already proven that the C was a light anomaly.

Where are modern pictures? people who have spent more than a generation discreditting pictures…who want pictures as evidence…odd. Nevermind the telescope in New Zealand that has zoomed in on the landing site and offered to show conspiracists the landers, rover and reflector plate. Again, funny enough, no conspiracists took this offer up either to “see for themselves”.

I know, let’s not cloud the issue with facts. We would all be much hapier believing the moon is a fairy tale, JFK was assassinated by an internation consortium, the illuminati owns you and Zionists own them, Pearl Harbor was set up, The Holocaust never happened, 9-11 was a government operation and martians are using brain wave emitters to control us.

Take your meds and STFU geeks.