Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by Dave.

How old are you Alex? How much education have you had in fields like Physics and aeronautics? How much testing experience do you have studying the effects of ingnition and controlled burns of flammable accelerants in a cold vacuum and reduced gravity? Or the avionics, guidance control, or fuel and engine controls all directly affected by exhaust flame (pyrometric) sensors in those same conditions. Because quite frankly, the only people that are entertained by your “simple” claims are the people who are interestedn in, but not educated in these areas. Scientists, engineers, and other folks who are seriously involved and educated in these areas simply shrug you off as an ignorant annoyance. Why, because your claims are very easy to explain, and if you knew anything at all in these fields, you would have been able to explain the answers to all of your claims in expanded detail right off the top of your head. I’m guessing you at about 18 and haven’t been to school yet because you’ve clearly jumped into the deep and it is very obvious that you’ve yet to learn to swim. Every single one of your claims can be scientifically explained, YOU JUST HAVE TO BE EDUCATED TO UNDERSTAND IT! Just to entertain you, If your claims had the slightest bit of validity, it would have came to light right then, and surely be settled and over with by now. The reason your claims are not taken sriously, (except with ingorant and blind arrogant morons like yourself) is because they are REDICULOUSLY WRONG! Same with the videos. Think about what you are sayng! The reason the quality is poor is because it is authentic analog video that was made 200k+ miles away before you were born. NOW a days, your right, anybody probably could produce these videos using their own computer, but they would be obvious fakes because of the quality of their original digital format. I admire your misguided intrest in the space program, if that’s what it is, or, is there a more sinister intrest toward NASA? Either way, you’ve already screwed yourself. GET SOME GODDAMN EDUCATION!