Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by jfb.

Now let me prove to NASA how stupid they are.

Ah, proof. Would that more people understood what constituted “proof”. “You can’t explain that” isn’t proof, especially when, yes, we can explain it.

The most powerful telescope on earth can’t show you these objects. Why? Because they don”t exist.

Or, maybe because they’re too small to resolve from a quarter of a million miles away. Even the most powerful telescope has limits. Hubble can’t make out individual boulders on the lunar surface; are you going to claim that there aren’t any boulders on the lunar surface? Yeah, Hubble can image galaxies millions of light years away, but galaxies are also hundreds of thousands of light-years across.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has imaged the equipment left on the lunar surface, because it’s a helluva lot closer. See the following:

And furthermore, The technology that was available then wouldn’t have allowed man to travel to the moon. Remember this was 1969, not 2009.

1969 wasn’t the bloody dark ages. We had nuclear power, we had rockets that could launch nuclear bombs to the other side of the planet, we had digital computers, we had launched human beings into orbit on those rockets.

Getting to the Moon wasn’t trivial, but it wasn’t beyond the bounds of what we could accomplish in ’69.

the rover is on the “dark side” of the moon, meaning the other half of the “round” moon that cannot be seen from earth

Whoa there, g temps — all of the landing sites (and equipment) are on the near, Earth-facing side; there were no landings on the far side for the simple reason that there would have been no communications. There won’t be any missions to the far side without at least a couple of satellites to relay communications.