Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by Alex.

Yes jfb (above) I looked at (Falcon 9) and also on Youtube:
This is not very good evidence because the most important video is animation. However, they show flame even from a large distance. The NASA videos show no flame from a close distance, see the Lift-offs for yourself:
Apollo 15

Apollo 16

Apollo 17


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We do not even have a shred of evidence of any Man on the Moon, much less extraordinary evidence.

Neil Armstrong summed it well up on the 25th Anniversary of Apollo 11:
-“The only bird that can talk is the parrot, but, he cant fly very well”

It is time to correct our encyclopaedias: “NASA Apollo Moon landing claims have no scientific evidence. All the Moon landing evidence could have been fabricated on Earth.”