Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by LunarOrbit.

“I just watched the ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the moon'”

I wouldn’t base my beliefs on that video if I were you. It is one of the most poorly researched and intentionally deceptive videos I have ever seen.

“radio signals should have a 2 second delay to reach earth and another 2 seconds to get back to the moon, but they have a less than 1 second delay in their conversations with Houston!!”

But the recordings are made in Houston, so the delays only need to be apparent in one direction.

For example, if Houston asks Neil Armstrong a question there will be a delay before he responds. But if Neil Armstrong asks Houston a question there will be no delay between him asking the question and Houston responding.

Also, sometimes the astronauts could anticipate the question and would begin responding before Houston finished asking it. So in that case the delay would appear to be missing.

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Moon” is only 47 minutes long, so obviously they didn’t show you all of the hundreds of hours of audio recordings from Apollo. How do you know they were telling you the truth about the lack of delays?

“So if it was feasible to do so in the sixties, why isn’t it feasible now????”

It is technically feasible to go to the Moon now, but the capability to build Apollo spacecraft no longer exists. That means NASA has to basically start from scratch if they want to go back to the Moon.

Go ask Ford to build you a 1969 Mustang. They can’t because their factories are no longer set up for that and most (if not all) of the 1969 Ford employees have retired or died. That means if they wanted to create an exact replica of a 1969 car they’d have to reconfigure their factories and relearn how to build the car. It could be done, but it would be really expensive. You would have to convince the CEO of Ford that it was worth the cost.

To return to the Moon you would need to design a new spacecraft capable of getting there. It is expensive and you would have to convince the US Congress (who controls NASAs budget) that it is worth the cost.

“The capitalist Americans would have built hotels on the moon by now to recover their investment!”

The US government is not in the hotel business. If private industry decides there is money to be made from Moon hotels they will build them.


It is impossible to photograph stars and the lunar surface at the same time. The lunar surface is far brighter than the stars… if you photograph the surface the stars don’t show up, if you photograph the stars you have to avoid light contamination from the surface or you’ll over expose the film.

The stars look absolutely the same from the Moon as they do from Earth. There was no reason for the astronauts to go out of their way to photograph stars when anyone with access to a telescope on Earth could do a better job.