Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Scientific Evidence by Mohammad.

I just watched the “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon”, beyond all the irregularities shown on this video, there are some that are not discussed there, the first one is that radio signals should have a 2 second delay to reach earth and another 2 seconds to get back to the moon, but they have a less than 1 second delay in their conversations with Houston!!
The other fact is that they used the technology available 50 years ago to accomplish this mission that was only a scientific prototype. like they used a stone-age guidance computer that it’s computing power is now surpassed by a sub 100$ mobile phone!!! (
So if it was feasible to do so in the sixties, why isn’t it feasible now???? The capitalist Americans would have built hotels on the moon by now to recover their investment!
Please also consider the fact discussed in the movie that THERE WERE NO STARS VISIBLE FROM THE MOON!!! it’s ridiculous!!