Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by jfb.

Why didn’t Russia attempt to disprove that we ever made it?

Maybe because we actually made it.

The US was the only country that succeeded, but we weren’t the only ones with the capability. Had Korolev not died in ’66 (and the Soviet space program been run competently), it’s not at all certain that the US would have been first to put men on the moon.

We were good, but we were also lucky. The Soviet space program was a mess, with lots of infighting, and engineering often took a back seat to politics. The Soviets did have a manned lunar program, and even build their version of the lander hardware, but they could never get the N-1 (their equivalent of the Saturn V) to fly. Instead of 5 monster F-1 engines, it used 30 smaller NK-15 engines; the plumbing was extremely complex, and was prone to destructive vibrational modes when all the engines were firing.