Comment on Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – Photographic Evidence by Joe.

If we can launch shuttles, sattelites, and intercontinental missles out of Geosynchronous orbit (these things have been clearly proved by unrefuted data). Also, we can clearly launch humans into space. Proved by hundreds if not thousands of unrefutable missions. Then, what is two stop us from going to the moon? The answer is very little. Once we are past this point the shuttle can basically cruze on to the moon with little gravity resistance and little to know molecular resistance due to their rareified state. All that is needed now is a navigational system and too be able to keep going straight. The first has been proved effective by use of earth based tracking system and space based ones on non-human missions. As for going straight all that is needed is a gyroscope. Now to legitimately land on the moon the technology is very low tech for NASA. All that is required is a small ship with the poower to get from the craft to the moon and back. This technology is about the simplest thing imaginable. To refute the possiblity would be insanity. Then they just need to power back to earth, which is again easy due to lack of gravity and rarefied molecules. Finally, they simply need to reenter earths atmoshpere. For this a simple shielding layer can be used. This final piece has been proved time and time again.
All the steps apart are simple, logical, and proved possible.

I realize this isn’t an exact description, but I was trying to simplify it. For a more accurate and complete description visit